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Cautions: Solar Charging Kits
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Cautions: Solar Charging Kits


Disconnect all power sources before attempting installation
Electricity can be very dangerous. Installation should be performed only by a licensed electrician or qualified personnel.


Solar panel safety
Photovoltaic panels generate DC electricity when exposed to sunlight or other light sources. Contact with the electrically active parts of the panel, such as terminals, can result in burns, sparks and lethal shock whether the panel is connected or disconnected.

When panels are connected in parallel, amperages are additive. Consequently, a system assembled from photovoltaic panels can produce high amperages, which constitute an increased hazard. Do not touch terminals while panel is exposed to light. Cover the panel face completely with opaque material to halt the production of electricity when installing or working with panels or wiring.



Battery and wiring safety
Observe all safety precautions of the battery manufacturer when handling or working around batteries. When charging, batteries produce hydrogen gas, which is highly explosive. Work in a well ventilated area and use caution when making or removing electrical connections. Ensure wires are disconnected from their power sources when wiring. Do not expose battery to open flame, cigarettes or sparks. Shield skin and eyes from battery acid.

Ensure all connections are tight and secure. Loose connections may generate sparks, heat and in extreme cases may catch fire. Be sure to check connections one week after installation to ensure they are still tight.



Work safely
Wear protective eye wear and appropriate clothing during installation. Use extreme caution when working with electricity and when handling and working around batteries. Use properly insulated tools only.





Observe correct polarity at all times
Reverse polarity of the battery terminals will cause the controller to give a warning tone. Reverse connection of the array will not cause an alarm but the controller will not function. Failure to correct this fault could damage the




Do not exceed the voltage and current ratings of the
Solar Controller

The total current of the solar system is the sum of the short circuit current of the solar panels in parallel, multiplied by a safety factor of 1.25. The resulting system current is not to exceed the amperage rating of the controller. The voltage of the array is the rated open circuit voltage of the solar panels and is not to exceed 28-volts.

The current rating of the solar system is the sum of the Maximum Power Current (Imp) of the solar PV strings in parallel. The resulting system Imp current is not to exceed 30A. If your solar system exceeds these ratings, contact your dealer for a suitable controller alternative.



Observe AC service current requirements of the RV or boat
The Weekender kit is compatible with max 30A AC service. The Elite and Extreme kits are compatible with max 50A AC service.





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