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ISW Inverter 700-4000: Cautions and Warnings
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These are important safety instructions for the inverters produced by Go Power. Read all instructions and cautionary markings on the product and on any accessories or additional equipment included in the installation. Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe shock or possible electrocution. Use extreme caution at all times to prevent accidents.

All electrical work must be performed in accordance with local and national electrical codes. These instructions are for use by qualified personnel who meet all local and governmental code requirements for licensing and training for the installation of electrical power systems with AC and DC voltage up to 600 volts.

Installation, maintenance, and connection of inverters must be performed by qualified personnel, in compliance with local electrical standards, wiring rules, and the requirements of local power authorities and/or companies. Safety regulations relevant to the location shall be followed during installation, operation and maintenance. Improper operation may have a risk of electric shock or damage to equipment and property.


WARNING! Hazard to Human Life    
This type of notation indicates that the hazard could be harmful to human life.






WARNING! Shock Hazard    
Danger of Shock or electrocution.




WARNING! Burn/Fire Hazard    
Danger of hot surface and/or fire.






CAUTION! Hazard to Equipment    
This type of notation indicates that the hazard may cause damage to the equipment.




IMPORTANT This type of notation indicates that the information provided is important to the installation, operation, and/or maintenance of the equipment. Failure to follow the recommendations in such a notation could result in annulment of the equipment warranty.




General Safety


WARNING! Limitations on Use
This product is designed for indoor/compartment installation.  It must not be exposed to any liquids or moisture of any type.





CAUTION!  Equipment Damage
This equipment is NOT intended for use with life support equipment or other medical equipment or devices.

Only use components or accessories recommended or sold by Go Power! or its authorized agents.





IMPORTANT Do not attempt to install this equipment if it appears to be damaged in any way. See the Warranty section for instructions on returning the equipment.




WARNING!  Personal Injury
Use safe lifting techniques when lifting this equipment as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) or other local codes.

Use standard safety equipment when working on this equipment, such as safety glasses, ear protection, steel-toed safety boots, safety hard hats, etc.

Use standard safety practices when working with electrical equipment. (Remove all jewelry, use insulated tools, wear cotton clothing, etc.)

Never work alone when installing or servicing this equipment.  Have someone nearby that can assist if necessary.

Do not touch the Inverter/Charger during operation.  The temperature of some parts of the inverter may exceed 60° during operation.  Let it cool for at least 5 minutes after shutdown before touching it.


Ensure that children, pets, and other animals are kept away from the inverter, solar arrays, battery bank, and utility grid components.

If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.


Equipment Safety


WARNING!  Lethal Voltage    
Review the system configuration to identify all possible sources of energy.  Ensure ALL sources of power are disconnected before performing any installation or maintenance on this equipment.  Confirm that the terminals are de-energized using a validated voltmeter (rated for a minimum 1000 VAC and 1000 VDC) to verify the de-energized condition.   

Do not perform any servicing other than that specified in the installation instructions unless qualified to do so, or have been instructed to do so by Go Power! Technical Support personnel.

To avoid electric shock, disconnect the DC input and AC input of the inverter at least 5 minutes before performing any installation or maintenance.

Do not tighten the AC and DC terminals or pull on the AC and DC wiring when the inverter is running.


WARNING!  Fire Hazard    
Do not keep combustible or flammable materials in the same room with the equipment.  Some products contain relays with moving parts and are not ignition-protected.

Ensure AC, DC, and ground cable sizes conform to local codes.  See product manuals for minimum size requirements.  

Ensure all conductors are in good condition.  

Do not operate the unit with damaged or substandard cabling.


CAUTION! Equipment Damage    
When connecting cables from the inverter to the battery terminals, ensure the proper polarity is observed.  Connecting the cables incorrectly can damage or destroy the equipment and the warranty may be annulled.

Thoroughly inspect the equipment prior to energizing.  Verify that no tools or equipment have been inadvertently left behind.

Ensure clearance requirements are strictly enforced.  

Keep all vents clear of obstructions that can prevent proper air flow around, or through, the unit.


CAUTION! Equipment Damage    
Static electricity may damage electronic components.  Take appropriate steps to prevent such damage to the inverter; otherwise, the warranty may be annulled.



Battery Safety


WARNING! Explosion, Electrocution, or Fire Hazard    
Ensure the cables (conductors) are properly sized.  

Ensure clearance requirements around the batteries are strictly enforced.

Ensure the area around the batteries is well ventilated and clean of debris.


Never smoke, or allow a spark or flame, near the batteries.

Always use insulated tools.  Avoid dropping tools onto batteries or other electrical parts.

Never charge a frozen battery.

Never use old or untested batteries.  Check each battery’s label for age, type, and date code to ensure all batteries are identical.

If a battery must be removed, always remove the grounded terminal from the battery first.  Make sure all devices are de-energized or disconnected to avoid causing a spark.

Use the battery types recommended by Go Power!.  Follow the battery manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and maintenance.

Insulate batteries as appropriate against freezing temperatures.  A discharged battery will freeze more easily than a charged one. 

If a remote or automatic generator control system is used, disable the starting circuit and/or disconnect the generator from its starting battery while performing maintenance to prevent accidental starting. 

Wear complete eye and clothing protection when working with batteries.  Avoid touching bare skin or eyes while working near batteries.

Keep plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts skin, clothing, or eyes.

If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, wash immediately with soap and water.  If acid enters the eye, immediately flood it with cold running water for at least 20 minutes and get medical attention as soon as possible.


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