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ISW Inverter 700-4000: Operations
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Steps for Final Inspection & Testing the Installation


Final Inspection


1. Verify all cables / conduit runs are secured with zip ties or other non-conductive cable clamps to prevent damage from vibration.


2. Ensure all cables that pass through walls, bulkheads or any other openings are protected against abrasion by using strain reliefs and/or grommets.


3. Check all AC, DC and ground connections are securely tightened, and if required covered with suitable anti-seizing grease.


4. Check all connections are secure in the main and sub panels - replace all covers.


5. If required by code, have the installation inspected by an electrical inspector.


Testing the Installation


1. Apply battery power to the inverter by engaging the fuse or switching the breaker to the ON position.


2. Disconnect all AC loads from the inverter.


3. Press the ON/OFF button. The inverter will carry out self-diagnosis and the LED’s will also appear (various colors).


4. Connect a 25W light bulb to the inverter output and verify it comes on and shines normally.


5. Press the ON/OFF button. The inverter and LED lights will turn off.


Products covered in this article: GP-ISW-700, GP-ISW-1000, GP-ISW-1500, GP-ISW-2000, GP-ISW-3000, GP-ISW-4000

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