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GP-PWM Solar Controller 10-FM: System Voltage & Current
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System Voltage & Current Specifications


The GP-PWM-10-FM is intended for use at 12 VDC nominal system voltage and is rated for a maximum continuous DC input current of 12.5A and input voltage of 35VDC.


Per the National Electric Code (NEC) article 690.7 and 690.8, PV module nameplate ratings at Standard Test Conditions (STC) must be multiplied by required values (typically 1.25 for both voltage and current) to obtain the true voltage and continuous current available from the module.


Applying the NEC factors, the maximum allowable nameplate PV Panel rated Isc is 10A (10A x 1.25 = 12.5A), and the maximum voltage, Voc is 28VDC (28VDC x 1.25 = 35VDC).


The voltage and current ratings of all equipment connected to PV panels must be capable of accepting the voltage and current levels available from PV panels installed in the field.


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