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GP-PWM Solar Controller 10-FM: Operations
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How to use the GP-PWM Solar Controller 10-FM






Power Up


When the GP-PWM-10-FM is connected to the battery, the controller will go into Power Up mode.


Icons Displayed: All segments of the numerical display; backlight blinks. Depending on the battery voltage when the GP-PWM-10-FM Power Up occurs, the controller may do a Boost Charge or quickly go into Float Charge. The Charging Profile selected will commence the following day after a Power Up (refer to the Charging Profile Chart on page 11 for more details).


Setting the Battery Charging Profile


To select the battery charging profile, press and hold the B Button. This will cause the current battery type to flash.


Then, press the B Button to toggle through the profile options: Sealed/Gel, AGM/LiFePO4 or Flooded.


To confirm the battery profile, press and hold the A Button for 3 seconds.


Non-volatile memory:

Any settings made on the GP-PWM-10-FM will be saved even when the power has been disconnected from the controller.


Refer to the Battery Charge Profile Chart below for details on each profile.


NOTE: If PV power is insufficient or too many loads are drawing power from the battery, the controller will not be able to charge the battery to the target charging voltage.


Auto Equalize: The GP-PWM-10-FM has an automatic equalize feature that will charge and recondition your batteries at least once a month at a higher voltage to ensure that any excess sulfation is removed.


NOTE: This mode should not be entered unless you are using a flooded battery.


Viewing the Controller Display Information


To toggle between Battery Voltage, PV Charging Current, Battery State of Charge (SOC), and ampere hours charged since last reset, press the B Button.


Push the B Button to show the battery voltage. Icons Displayed: Battery SOC, Volt Symbol (V)
Push the B Button to show the PV charging current. Icons Displayed: Ampere Symbol (A), Battery SOC
Push the B Button to show the battery state of charge (shown as a percentage). Icons Displayed: Battery SOC, Percent Symbol (%)
A value of 100% will only be displayed after a Boost or Equalize charge completes.
Push the B Button to show the number of amp hours charged since the last reset. Icons Displayed: Amp hours charged, Amp hour symbol (Ah) or kiloamp hour symbol (kAh)


Resetting the Ampere Hours Charged


To reset the count of ampere hours charged, toggle to the ampere hours charged. Press and hold the A Button for 6 seconds to reset the counter to zero.


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