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PWM-30-UL Installation Introduction
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A Solar Controller (or Charge Controller / Regulator) is an essential component of your photovoltaic solar system. The Controller maintains the life of the battery by protecting it from overcharging. When your battery has reached a 100% state of charge, the Controller prevents overcharging by limiting the current flowing into the batteries from your solar array.

The GP-PWM-30-UL uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology and a unique four stage charging system that includes an optional equalize setting to charge and protect your battery bank. The GP-PWM-30-UL features an LCD digital display that shows the charge current of the solar array, system battery voltage and battery state of charge. The GP-PWM-30-UL also features Maximum Power Boost Technology™ for manual bulk and absorption charge at any stage of the charge cycle.

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