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GPC Chargers: Adjust Fixed Voltage (Setting Lithium Batteries)
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How to Adjust Fixed Voltage 


The boost mode output voltage can be adjusted to any value between 13-16.5 VDC. This can be done by following the steps.


Out of the box, the GPC charger is set to "3 Stage" charging mode. In order to adjust the voltage used during the boost stage, the unit needs to be put into "Fixed Output" mode. To do this, move switch A to the "Fixed Output" position.  This will cause the charger to output a fixed voltage that represents the boost stage voltage. 



Next, ensure the unit is supplied with 120VAC at the input. Then, use switch B to  adjust the boost stage voltage by turning it slowly with a small screwdriver while  measuring the output voltage with a multimeter. When the desired voltage has been reached, (click here for voltage parameters of Go Power! Lithium Batteries) turn switch A back to the  "3 Stage" position to put the charger back into its normal 3-stage charging mode.


The charger may need to complete a charge cycle before the new voltage will take effect.    


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