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Fuses on 200W panel systems
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Problem Description:


Cell efficiencies have increased over the years to the point that a 200W panel can be built in the same size that a 190W panel was before, but the short circuit current of three or more panels is now more than 30 amperes. This presents a problem for cable entry plates and 10AWG wire that are designed for a maximum of 30A. Since, in RV applications, solar panels are flat on the roof and rarely output their full short circuit current this is not a risk most of the time, but this edge case still presents a potential danger of overheating wires.




A single 30A fuse placed before the cable entry plate as shown in the diagram below will likely never blow but will protect the wiring in the rare case that the panels are in full sunlight, angled towards the sun and the wires have become short circuited.




Starting soon Go Power! will be providing a 30A fuse in all kits that come with a cable entry plate and a GP-PV-200W or other panel with short circuit current more than 10A. This also applies to single solar panel systems so that if an additional solar panel is added by way of an aftermarket installation, then the wires will be fully protected. The fuse that Go Power! will be providing is shown in the image below.





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