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Solar All Electric Kits - GP-MPPT-40 CHARGE CONTROLLER
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1. Plan where the GP-MPPT-40 charge controller(s) will mount, see Figure 3-A for more detail including maximum distances.



  • The GP-MPPT-40 is designed to be mounted vertically in an indoor location inside a weatherproof enclosure. 
  • The GP-MPPT-40 weighs approximately 2.6lbs. – ensure the mounting location will hold this weight.
  • The location will need access to the cables ends from the CEP, the battery compartment and the GP-MPPT-R remote cable.
  • The SOLAR-AE6 includes a second GP-MPPT-40 to be connected in parallelization mode to allow for 80A charging.

WARNING: Failure to secure the GP-MPPT-40 could cause it to become dislodged while the RV is underway and cause severe damage to the unit and/or the RV.



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