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Solar All Electric Kits - SOLAR PANELS INSTALL
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WARNING: Before starting this section ensure the solar disconnect is in the off position.






1. Before beginning you must securely cover the solar panels with a solid, non-transparent material. We recommend that you use the solar panel shipping boxes.

2. For the SOLAR-AE6 kit, connect 2 strings of 3 solar panels together in series. This means 3 solar panels are to be in series by connecting the positive of one panel to the negative of an adjacent panel. Connect the remaining 3 solar panels together in series. (See Figure 5-A). 

3. For the SOLAR-AE4 kit, connect all the solar panels together in series. (See Figure 5-B).

4. Recall from the planning section that it may be necessary to use the provided 3’ or 10’ solar extension cables for this step.



Solar panels use polarized MC4 connectors, meaning the positive connector is different than the negative connector. Each connector has its polarity symbol (+ or -) embossed near the end of the connector. This polarity symbol is relative to the solar panel. To extend a cable, an opposite polarity connector must be used. For example, a negative connector must plug into a positive connector in order to extend it. It is advisable to attach or mark the positive cable in order to avoid confusion during the installation. (See Figure 5-C and Figure 5-D).


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