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How Does a Solar Charging Kit Work?
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The solar panel converts the sun’s energy into DC electricity and this electricity charges the battery. The battery stores the electricity, similar to a water tank storing water. This battery power may be used at any time to operate DC powered devices connected to the battery. To increase the battery service life, a solar controller is used to prevent the solar panels from overcharging the batteries. This is process is managed by the GP-PWM-30 Solar Charge Controller included in this kit. See Figure 2-A (below) and 2-B (on following page) for solar system examples.


WARNING: When connecting multiple panels, they will be connected in PARALLEL. Failure to follow this connection procedure will cause the system to produce large currents which the protection device, DC fuse, is not designed to handle.

Typical Go Power! Kit/System RV Installation

Go Power! Solar Installation Typical Wiring Diagram

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