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SW Inverter 1500TS: Features
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Diagram and List of Features of SW Inverter 1500TS




(1) ON / OFF / REMOTE- Use this button to turn the inverter ON, OFF or to switch the inverter into REMOTE MODE.
(2) Status LED - This LED is used to display Input Voltage Level, Output Load Level, Fault Conditions.
(3) Function Switch - This dip switch controls output voltage, output frequency, power saving parameters.
(4) DC Negative Input Connector - Use these connection points to secure the battery bank negative cable to the Inverter.
(5) DC Positive Input Connector - Use these connection points to secure the battery bank positive cable to the Inverter.
(6) Chassis Ground - Use this connection to ground the exposed chassis of the inverter to the chasis ground with wire # 8 AWG.
(7) AC Output - Use these terminals to connect the AC loads (appliances) to the Inverter.
(8) By-pass AC Input - Use these terminals to connect the AC shore power to the Inverter.

(9) AC Input Circuit Breaker. The AC input circuit breaker protects the model from overload. When an overload condition exists, the circuit breaker stops supplying output AC grid power. To reset it, push the circuit breaker switch then the model will be back in normal operation. The source fault should be corrected before you reset it.
(10) Remote control green terminal
(11) Remote port - Use this port to connect the optional remote control unit to the Inverter.
(12) Fan - The rear panel must keep the distance at least 1 inch from any surrounding items.


Main switch ON / OFF does not control AC Grid input. Therefore when performing maintenance please remove the AC Grid connection to prevent damage to the GP-SW1500TS, then ensure the Main switch is in the OFF position.


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