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SW Inverter 1500TS: Dip Switch (S1 - S8) & Power Saving Mode
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Dip Switch



Power Saving Mode


Power Saving Mode is adjustable and set by the Dip Switches, S4, S5 and S6 on the front panel. Example GP-SW1500TS: Saving set 2%, the load is below 30W 10 sec. will into saving mode, more than 90W or more leave saving mode.


A. Power device enter the saving mode The rate power x setting % = the threshold enter the power saving model. In case the load less than threshold value 5 seconds, the power device will enter the saving mode.


B. Power device leaving saving mode(re-start). Restart threshold = rate power x setting % x 2~3 In case the power over the restart threshold, the power device will re-start and provide the AC power.


Products covered in this article: GP-SW1500TS

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